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11/06/2017 to 11/16/2017 – Duration: 11 Days

This course is based on both Biblical historiography and modern archaeology in order to analyze the social, political, spiritual and cultural context of the Bible from the times of King David to the times of Jesus.
Emphasis is placed on the scientific aspects, trying to understand what happened in the Land of Israel in the last 3000 years.
Various periods of biblical history will be studied within their greater Near Eastern and European contexts, thus mentioning different peoples such as the Philistines, Assyrians, Babylonians, Greeks, Romans and others.
Through archaeological findings we will try to reconstruct ancient realities, by understanding the motivations of the different peoples and personalities that lived in this Land.

The methodology used during the course isbased on three pillars:

  • Previous reading of study material
  • Classes at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  • “Classes” in the field with recognized archaeologists

Course Objectives:

  1. To understand the historical and geographical context of the Bible
  2. To introduce students to critical interpretations of Biblical history
  3. To understand basic concepts of archaeology and specifically Biblical archaeology
  4. To evaluate the perspectives of Biblical “maximalists” and “minimalists”


Curriculum and Day by Day Program

Day Description
DAY 1, Monday Nov 6th

Arrival to Ben Gurion International Airport and transfer to the hotel



Program presentation

-M.A. Ariel Horovitz


* Night at Olive Tree Hotel, Jerusalem

DAY 2, Tuesday Nov 7th


Topic: Introduction

Morning: Hebrew University of Jerusalem


  • Opening Conference: “The Jewish religiosity in the Greek-Roman world”

-Dr. Adolfo Roitman


  • Conference: “Messianic models of the Second Temple Judaism”

-Dr. Adolfo Roitman


  • Tour at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  1. Nicanor Tomb
  2. Archaeology Institute
  3. View of the city of Jerusalem and of the Judean Desert

-M.A. Ariel Horovitz



  • Ariel Center – For First Temple period studies
  • The Burnt House

-M.A. Ariel Horovitz


* Night at Olive Tree Hotel, Jerusalem

DAY 3, Wednesday Nov 8th


Topic: Jerusalem in the First and Second Temple period

  • City of David:
    • Newest discoveries
    • Bullas & G area
    • House of David´s tombs
    • Siloam Inscription
    • Givati parking excavations
  • Jerusalem Archaeological Park: Newest discoveries
  • The Israelite Tower and the Broad Wall


-Dr. Eyal Meron


* Night at Olive Tree Hotel, Jerusalem

DAY 4, Thursday Nov 9th  


Topic: Jerusalem in the Second Temple period

Morning: Israel Museum


  • Conference: “From Essenism to Monasticism”

-Dr. Adolfo Roitman


  • Biblical Archaeology Wing

-Dr. Adolfo Roitman


Afternoon: The Old City of Jerusalem

  • The Herodian Quarter
  • Western Wall Tunnels
  • Kidron Valley

-M.A. Yehuda Kaplan


* Night at Olive Tree Hotel, Jerusalem

DAY 5, Friday Nov 10th

Bethlehem and South Jerusalem

Topic: Betlehem in Biblical times

  1. Rachel´s Tomb
  2. Herodium
  3. Bethlehem


-Archaeologist Avner Goren and Prof. David Sedaca


* Night at Olive Tree Hotel, Jerusalem

DAY 6, Saturday Nov 11th

Dead Sea & the Judean Desert

Topic: The Monastic phenomenon at the Judean Desert

  1. Martirius Monastery
  2. Good Samaritan Museum
  3. Saint George Monastery
  4. Dead Sea
  5. Qasser Al Yahud – Baptism Site at the Jordan River
  6. Jericho


-Archaeologist Avner Goren and Prof. David Sedaca


* Night at Royal Plaza Hotel, Tiberias

DAY 7, Sunday Nov 12th

Galilee & Golan Heights

Topic: From the Biblical period to the Great Revolt

  1. Tel Dan
  2. Gamla
  3. Panoramic of the Sea of Galilee               


-Archaeologist Avner Goren


* Night at Royal Plaza Hotel, Tiberias

DAY 8, Monday Nov 13th


Topic: Following Jesus path

  1. Kursi
  2. Bethsaida
  3. Mt. of Beatitudes – Conference: “The ethical principles of Jesus and the western culture”. – Prof. David Sedaca
  4. San Peter´s Primacy Church
  5. Genesareth: Meeting with the brothers who discovered the ancient boat
  6. Sailing around the Sea of Galilee


Archaeologist Avner Goren and Prof. David Sedaca


* Night at King Solomon Hotel, Jerusalem

DAY 9, Tuesday Nov 14th

Judean Hills

Topic: The Judean Hills in Biblical times

  • Khirbet Qayafa
  • Tel Lachish
  • Tel Maresha
  • Archaeological Excavations at Tel Maresha


-M.A. Yehuda Kaplan


* Night at King Solomon Hotel, Jerusalem

DAY 10, Wednesday Nov 15th


Topic: The last moments of Jesus

  1. San Peter in Gallicantu
  2. Chapel of the Ascension
  3. Church Pater Noster
  4. Mt. of Olives
  5. Dominus Flevit
  6. Gethsemane
  7. Garden Tomb

-M.A. Yehuda Kaplan and Prof. David Sedaca


EveningClosing Conferene

-Dr. Adolfo Roitman


Hebrew University of Jerusalem´s certification ceremony


* Night at King Solomon Hotel, Jerusalem

DAY 11, Thursday Nov 16th

Transfer to Ben Gurion Airport


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