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The Unknown Biblical Israel November 2017 – English

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5/11/2017 to 15/11/2017 – Duration: 11 Days


This course is based on both Biblical historiography and modern archaeology in order to analyze the social, political, spiritual and cultural context of the Bible from the times of King David to the times of Jesus.
Emphasis is placed on the scientific aspects, trying to understand what happened in the Land of Israel in the last 3000 years.
Various periods of biblical history will be studied within their greater Near Eastern and European contexts, thus mentioning different peoples such as the Philistines, Assyrians, Babylonians, Greeks, Romans and others.
Through archaeological findings we will try to reconstruct ancient realities, by understanding the motivations of the different peoples and personalities that lived in this Land.

The methodology used during the course isbased on three pillars:

  • Previous reading of study material
  • Classes at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  • “Classes” in the field with recognized archaeologists

Course Objectives:

  1. To understand the historical and geographical context of the Bible
  2. To introduce students to critical interpretations of Biblical history
  3. To understand basic concepts of archaeology and specifically Biblical archaeology
  4. To evaluate the perspectives of Biblical “maximalists” and “minimalists”

Renowned archaeologists and scholars will be part of the academic staff in this course

  • Dr. Adolfo Roitman, Curator of the Dead Sea Scrolls
  • Prof. David Sedaca, Theologian and lecturer on Biblical topics
  • Archaeologist Eli Shukron, Expert in ancient Jerusalem
  • M.A. Yehuda Kaplan, Historian and expert in Biblical Archaeology


  • Participation in archaeological excavations
  • Seminar at the Israel Museum and Shrine of the Book with Dr. Adolfo Roitman
  • Sailing at the Sea of Galilee
  • Visit to the Dead Sea

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