Biblical Archaeology – 2022/2023



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Course period


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Arrival to Ben Gurion International Airport and transfer to the hotel in Jerusalem


a. Presentation of the program

Prof. David Sedaca & M.A. Ariel Horovitz

* Night in Jerusalem


Topic: Jerusalem and the Temple in Biblical Archaeology and Hellenistic-Roman period

a. City of David

    • View of Jerusalem of the First Temple period
    • Palace of King David?
    • The “G” Area
    • Warren Shaft
    • Hezekiah´s Tunnel
    • Siloam Pool

b. Davidson Centre and Archaeological Park

c. Western Wall

Archaeologist Eli Shukron

* Night in Jerusalem



  • Mount of Olives:

a. View of the Temple Mount

b. “Day of the Lord and Kingdom of God: Jewish Eschatological Hopes”,

Dr. David Schroeder

  • Israel Museum and shrine of the book:

a. Dead Sea Scrolls

b. Jerusalem Model in the Second Temple period

c. Gallery of Biblical Archaeology

Dr. Adolfo Roitman

* Night in Jerusalem



  • Lecture: “The Bible: History or Literature?”

Dr. Adolfo Roitman 

  • Lecture: “Jerusalem and the Temple in ancient Judaism and Christianity”

Dr. Adolfo Roitman  

  • Introduction to Biblical Archaeology

Prof. David Sedaca

  • Tour in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

M.A. Ariel Horovitz

  • Free at Dead Sea

* Night in Dead Sea

Judean Desert

Topic: The Desert in Israel spirituality

a. Masada

b. Qumran

c. Jericho

Yehuda Kaplan

* Night in Tiberias

Galilee I

Topic: Paganism, Christianity and Judaism

a. Beit Shean

b. Sepphoris

    • Yehuda Kaplan
  • Evening Lecture: The New Testament Archaeology,

Prof. David Sedaca

* Night in Tiberias

Galilee II

Topic: The Galilee at First and Second Temple period

a. Tel Dan

b. Caesarea Philippi

c. Golan Heights

    • Yehuda Kaplan & Prof. David Sedaca

* Night in Tiberias

Galilee III

Topic: In the path of Jesus

a. Magdala

b. Mount of Beatitudes, “The Kingdom of Jesus”,

Dr. David Schroeder

c. Corazin

d. Capernaum 

e. Ancient boat museum

f. Sailing around Sea of Galilee

Yehuda Kaplan & Prof. David Sedaca

* Night in Tiberias

Jezreel Valley and Mediterranean Coast

Topic: Christianity

a. Megiddo

b. Caesarea Maritima

Yehuda Kaplan & Prof. David Sedaca

* Night in Jerusalem


Topic: Jesus´ final moments: from history to myth

    • The Upper Room 
    • St. Peter in Gallicantu
    • The Garden of Gethsemane
    • Bethesda 
    • Via Dolorosa
    • Holy Sepulchre
    • Garden Tomb, “Covenant in Hebrew and Christian Faiths”,

Dr. David Schroeder

Archaeologist Eli Shukron & Prof. David Sedaca


    • Closing conference of the course – Dr. Adolfo Roitman
    • Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s certification ceremony

* Night in Jerusalem

Transfer to Ben Gurion airport