Moriah International Center is an institution specialized in cultural and academic tourism in Israel. Our center develops programmes of study regarding specific matters in Israel:

  • Starting with the Bible;
  • History and archaeology to Innovation;
  • Sociability and politics.

Our programs are taught in Spanish and our academic staff is formed by renowned professors, archaeologists, historians and specialized guides.

Some of these programs are supported by one of the most important university in the world: the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Our participant received a certificate when finishing the program.

Our study method combines both a few conferences and many studio visits, i.e, “we travel and learn”.


Moriah International Center is intended to be for academic excellence purposes. We are located in Israel, Holy Land. Along with our extensive experience, make the Moriah International Center a unique framework that allows our program participants to deepen their knowledge on a variety of matters that it can only be studied here in Israel.

Our objectives are:

  • To deepen knowledge on matters connected to the Bible, ancient history and the current reality of Israel people
  • To promote Judeo-Christian dialogue through study
  • To show an unknown, diverse and a complicated Israel
  • To educate leaders and educators


  • Academic excellence
  • Integrity
  • Cooperation
  • Personal care
  • Quality in the service

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