27 DIC-6 ENE |2021
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Programas Académicos
11 días

Course In cooperation with Pillar College, NJ, USA.

DATE: December 27th 2020 to January 6th 2021.


Hoteles media pensión (desayuno y cena)
Alojamiento en apartamento doble
Entradas en sitios históricos, arqueológicos y paseos turísticos según itinerario
Guide in the language in English / Spanish
Autobús de lujo con Wi-Fi
Propinas del conductor, guía y maleteros
Traslado: Aeropuerto – Hotel – Aeropuerto
Boleto de avión
Seguro de viaje/médico
Almuerzos +- US$25,00 por día
Extras en el hotel (bebidas, llamadas telefónicas, lavandería…)


Day 1

Sunday, December 27th

Arrival to Ben Gurion International Airport and transfer to the hotel in Jerusalem


  • Presentation of the program.

* Night in Jerusalem

Day 2

Monday, December 28th - Jerusalem

Tema: Introduction.


  • Israel among the Nations: From ancient Israel to the time of Jesus

          M.A.Yehuda Kaplan


  • Tour in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem
    M.A. Ariel Horovitz
  • Lecture: “The Bible: History or Literature?”
    Dr. Adolfo Roitman
  • Lecture: «Jerusalem and the Temple in ancient Judaism and Christianity»
    Dr. Adolfo Roitman
  • Lecture: «Introduction to Biblical Archaeology»
    Prof. David Sedaca

* Night in Jerusalem

Day 3

Tuesday, December 29th - Jerusalem

Tema: Jerusalem and the Temple in the time of Jesus.

Mount of Olives:

  • View of the Temple Mount;
  • Archaeological excavations at Temple Mount Sifting Project;
  • «Day of the Lord and Kingdom of God: Jewish Eschatological Hopes», Dr. David Schroeder.

Israel Museum and shrine of the book:

  • Dead Sea Scrolls;
  • Jerusalem Model in the Second Temple period;
  • Gallery of Biblical Archaeology.

Dr. Adolfo Roitman

Evening Lecture: Intertestamental Era: Persia through Rome

Dr. David Schroeder.

* Night in Jerusalem

Day 4

Wednesday, December 30th - Jerusalem

Tema: Jerusalem and the Temple in Biblical Archaeology and Hellenistic-Roman period.

  • City of David:
    • View of Jerusalem of the First Temple period;
    • Palace of King David?;
    • The “G” Area;
    • Warren Shaft;
    • Hezekiah´s Tunnel;
    • Siloam Pool.
  • Davidson Centre and Archaeological Park;
  • Western Wall.

M.A. Yehuda Kaplan

* Night in Jerusalem

Day 5

Thursday, December 31th - Judean Desert

Tema: The Desert in Jewish spirituality.

  • Masada;
  • Qumran;
  • Dead Sea.

M.A. Yehuda Kaplan

* Night in Tiberias

Day 6

Friday, Jaunary 1th - Galilee I

Tema: Judaism, paganism and Christianity.

  • Beit Shean;
  • Sepphoris;
  • Kabalat Shabbat in the hotel.

M.A. Yehuda Kaplan

Evening Lecture: The New Testament Archaeology – Prof. David Sedaca

* Night in Tiberias

Day 7

Saturday, January 2th - Galilee II

Tema: The Galilee at First and Second Temple period.

  • Tel Hatzor;
  • Caesarea Philippi, The Turning Point in the Ministry of Jesus according to the Synoptic Gospels». B. Keith Brewer;
  • Golan Heights.

M.A. Yehuda Kaplan

* Night in Tiberias

Day 8

Sunday, January 3th - Galilee III

Tema: In the path of Jesus.

  • Magdala;
  • Mount of Beatitudes, «The Kingdom of Jesus», David Schroeder;
  • Corazin;
  • Bethsaida:
    • The «Classical» site;
    • The new discoveries at «Julias».
  • Capernaum;
  • Ancient boat museum;
  • Sailing around Sea of Galilee.

M.A. Yehuda Kaplan

* Night in Tiberias

Day 9

Monday, January 4th - Jezreel Valley and Mediterranean Coast

Tema: Christianity.

  • Megiddo;
  • Caesarea Maritima.

M.A. Yehuda Kaplan

* Night in Jerusalem

Day 10

Tuesday, January 5th - Jerusalem

Tema: Jesus´ final moments: from history to myth.

  • The Upper Room «The Place of the Upper Room in the NT». Dr. B. Keith Brewer;
  • The Garden of Gethsemane;
  • Bethesda;
  • Via Dolorosa;
  • Holy Sepulchre;
  • Garden Tomb, «Covenant in Hebrew and Christian Faiths», Dr. David Schroeder.

M.A. Yehuda Kaplan


  • Closing conference of the course – Dr. Adolfo Roitman;
  • Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s  certification ceremony.

* Night in Jerusalem

Day 11

Wednesday, January 6th - Transfer to Ben Gurion airport

For more information:

Prof. David Sedaca
[email protected]