You will get to know Israel in a different way. Topics such as: Israel for young people, Israel for Women, Israel for Lawyers, Following the steps of Jesus, among many others.

Israel for young people

Program exclusively designed for young people and “adventurers” in general. In addition to visiting Israel’s classic tourist sites, the program offers a variety of activities such as camel riding, river rafting on the Jordan River (summer), visits to technology centers and universities, a night in the desert and more. We have a staff of specialized guides in working with young people who will receive a one lifetime experience.

Israel for Women

The program will discuss matters connected to women history in the Land of Israel since Biblical times and until nowadays. Historic sites such as Magdala and Nazareth will be visited as sites connected to the contemporary history of Israel as a state such as the Friends of Sion Museum and the Holocaust Museum (Yad Va Shem).

Among the scheduled central visiting: there is a meeting with a member of Parliament in the Israeli Parliament (Knesset) and a military base visit to get a first hand at the military service women in Israel.

Israel for Lawyers

Program specially designed for lawyers, judges, jurists and legal professionals. The program will discuss matters connected to Biblical laws such as the Ten Commandments, Jesus’ethics and others as well as matters connected to Israel in these days such as the Palestinian – Israeli conflict or religion freedom for minorities.

The methodology will be through on-site study by visiting the central historical sites linked to matters such as the Mount of Beatitudes where Christianity’s foundation will be discussed. Likewise, we will visit some areas where there is a Palestinian population close to the Israeli population, trying to understand the legal problems of the Palestinian – Israeli conflict.

Following the footsteps of Jesus

The objective of this program is to visit almost all sites traveled by Jesus from his birth in Bethlehem, his childhood and youth in Nazareth, his ministry in the Galilee, and finally his last days in Jerusalem. By reading the Bible , we will identify the different archaeological and historical sites where Jesus walked, preached, healed and worked miracles along with a thorough examination regarding geographically, socially, culturally and politically factors in Jesus’ era.

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