Are you planning to visit Israel? What else would you like to know more than an ordinary guide may offer you?

Would you like to go with archaeologists, university professors, biblical scholars, inventors, etc?

Our staff of professors, archaeologists and specialized guides will join you through some sites where ordinary tourists may not go. They will also tell you countless stories of this ancient country in Spanish, English or Portuguese.
They will go with you through typical sites of Israel but only specialists with a much deeper perspective can do it.

•Would you like to learn more about the Dead Sea Scrolls together with the Head Curator of Scrolls himself?
•Would you be interested in knowing the latest archaeological discoveries joined by the same archaeologist?
•How about walking through countless mosaics of synagogues and churches in the company of art specialists ?
•Can you imagine learning about the current Israeli political situation guided by Israeli specialists in Political Science and International Relations?
•Would you like to know more about inventors who created technological products that were a revolution for mankind?

And many more matters in history, archeology, Bible, society, politics, business and technology field.

See our professor staff here.

We offer conferences, workshops and seminars for groups of people at the hotel and on-site training programs at any historical or archaeological site.

For groups, families and individuals.

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