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Yosef Garfinkel

Professor at the Institute of Archaeology - Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Yosef Garfinkel is Yigael Yadin Professor of Archaeology of the Land of Israel at the Institute of Archaeology, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. For many years his research focused on the early (Neolithic and Chalcolithic) village communities of the Near East. He conducted large scale excavations in the Jordan Valley, at Sha’ar Hagolan and Tel Tsaf, and published extensively on the art, cult and dance of this era. Since 2007 his field work has shifted to the Iron Age, focusing on the emergence of the Kingdom of Judah, and he excavated at Khirbet Qeiyafa, Tel Lachish and Khirbet el Rai. His studies on prehistoric dance opened new horizons for understanding the early history of this neglected topic.

Phd. Serge Ruzer

Professor at the Department of Comparative Religion

Serge Ruzer obtained his PhD from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in 1996, eventually becoming an Associate Professor at the Department of Comparative Religion and a Research Fellow at the Center for the Study of Christianity of that University. His research and publications pertain mostly to the Jewish background to nascent Christianity and early Syriac literature. Among his books: The Sermon on the Mount and Its Jewish Setting (ed. with H.-J. Becker; Paris, 2005), Mapping the New Testament: Early Christian Writings as a Witness for Jewish Biblical Exegesis (Leiden, 2007); Syriac Idiosyncrasies: Theology and Hermeneutics in Early Syriac Literature (with A. Kofsky; Leiden, 2010); In the Beginning Was the Word: Eight Conversations on the Fourth Gospel (with Y. Zakovitch; Jerusalem, 2014); God’s Word is Powerful: Eight Conversations on the Epistle to the Hebrews (with Y. Zakovitch; Jerusalem, 2016), Reshaping Identities in Late Antique Syria-Mesopotamia (with A. Kofsky and R. Kiperwasser; Piscataway, NJ, 2016), Early Christian Beliefs: Challenges, Transformations, Polemics (with A. Kofsky; Tel Aviv, 2018), and Early Jewish Messianism in the New Testament: Reflections in the Dim Mirror (Leiden, 2020).

M.A. MBA Danny Herman

Professor at the Hebrew University

M.A. MBA Danny Herman is an Israeli born Jew who developed a keen passion in
Biblical Archaeology. He participated in several archaeological digs and published
a few articles, mostly on ancient local numismatics.
Known as “Danny the Digger”, Danny teaches at the Hebrew University,
and developed a popular vlog on ‘Youtube” (“Danny the Digger”).

Dr. Adolfo Roitman

Curator of the Dead Sea Scrolls

Dr. Adolfo Roitman is Lizbeth and George Krupp Curator of the Dead Sea Scrolls and Head of the Shrine of the Book in the Israel Museum, Jerusalem.

MA in Anthropology (cum laude, University of Buenos Aires, 1980);

MA in Comparative Religions (cum laude, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 1985);

PhD in Ancient Jewish Thought and Literature (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 1993).

He is the author of numerous books about the Dead Sea Scrolls and Ancient Judaism, including The Sectarians from Qumran:

Daily Life of the Essenes (Barcelona: Ediciones Martínez Roca, 2000, in Spanish)|;

A Day at Qumran: The Dead Sea Sect and Its Scrolls (Jerusalem: The Israel Museum, 1997);

Envisioning the Temple. Scrolls, Stones and Symbols (The Israel Museum: Jerusalem, 2003).

He lectures widely on early Jewish literature, the history and significance of the Dead Sea Scrolls and biblical interpretation, and has served as a visiting scholar at universities across the United States, Central and South America.

Dr. Eyal Meiron


Dr. Eyal Meiron, formerly coordinator of scientific projects at Yad Ben-Zvi Institute in Jerusalem, is an academic adviser for historical and archeological projects in Israel. He has edited and published dozens of books on the subject of Land of Israel research. He is the scientific editor of the annual publication of City of David Studies of Ancient Jerusalem conference, and taught courses at Bar-Ilan University on “Jerusalem from its Beginnings to the Destruction of the First Temple in Archaeology, History and the Bible”. Dr. Meiron has written a university textbook on that subject. He is also the author of a university textbook on the history of Jerusalem in the Second Temple period.


Dra. Marcela Zapata Meza

Archaeologist, Anahuac University of Mexico

Marcela Zapata Meza has a degree in Archeology from the National School of Anthropology and History, where she graduated with an honorable mention.

She holds a Master’s and PhD in Philosophy with a specialty in philosophy and phenomenology of religions by the Anahuac University Mexico, where she is a professor and researcher.

She is a Director of the Center of Research in Cultures of Antiquity.

The “Women Add Value” initiative, supported by iChangeNations, recognized her with this distinction for her female leadership and scientific development in Israel through the Magdala Archeological Project.

Meza is a Director of the Center of Research in Cultures of Antiquity and a. Director of the Magdala Archaeological Project.

M. A. Eli Shukron

M.A. in Archaeology from The Hebrew University.

Worked at the Israel Antiquities Authority as Research Archaeologist from 1988 until 2013.

Began his work in the city of Jerusalem over 25 years ago in numerous excavations in the city and from the year 1995 he worked at the City of David as the director of the excavations carried at the site.

From 1995 until 2012 excavated the Gihon Spring House changing the understanding of Ancient Jerusalem by excavating the Wall Fortifications dated MB II, the Rock-cut pool and the ritual enclosure where a broken bulla bearing the name of the city of Bethlehem was found.

In 2004 Found and excavated the Second Temple period Pool of Siloam. In 2006 – 2009 uncovered and excavated the ancient Jerusalem Pilgrim road that led from Siloam Pool to the Second Temple Mount. In 2007 – 2012 excavated an ancient Jerusalem water channel that drained Jerusalem.

Items discovered in the tunnel appear to confirm Josephus‘s account of Jews using the sewer as a refuge and escape from the burning city.

Among the finds was a rare half-shekel coin, used to pay the Second Temple tax; only seven other such coins have been found in archeological digs.

2011-2013 excavated the foundation of the Western wall and the tunnel beside the wall under Davidson Center (Part of the Jerusalem Walls National Park), where the golden bell from the High Priest was found.

Expert in History and Archaeology of Jerusalem during the First and Second Temple , Published dozen of articles about Archaeology in Jerusalem.

Consultant to media broadcasting projects about Jerusalem.

M.A. Henrique Cymerman Benarroch


Born in Portugal, Henrique Cymerman Benarroch holds a degree in Political Science and Sociology and an MA in Social Sciences from Tel Aviv University. He was also a Professor of Political Sciences, International Relations and Sociology at Tel Aviv University and currently teaches Government, Diplomacy and Strategy at the IDC Herzlia University. He has lived in Israel since he was 16 years old. 

Henrique has worked as an expert on Middle Eastern issues for Periódico de Catalunya and he has been a correspondent in Jerusalem since 1991 for the newspaper La Vanguardia, Tele Cinco Televisión and a Middle East correspondent for SIC Portuguese Television. He also collaborates with the BBC and Israeli television Channel 2.

Between 2005 and 2009, he published the book ‘Voices from the Center of the World’ in six languages (Portuguese, Spanish, English, Hebrew, Arabic and a Brazilian Portuguese edition).

The book includes interviews with leading Middle Eastern leaders and members of Palestinian and Israeli civil society.

In 2015, he published the book “Francis: From Rome to Jerusalem”, after helping to organize the prayer for peace in the Vatican with Israelis and Palestinians. The Pope dubbed him as an “Angel of Peace” in 2015.

Some of his awards include:

1982: Tel Aviv University Dean’s Award.

1997: Awarded Best World Correspondent, New York Festivals.

1998: Association of Journalists of Spain, Special APEI-RTV Award for his work in the Middle East.

2003: Association of Journalists of Portugal, Journalist of the Year.

2003: Awarded Best News Documentary, New York Festivals.

2004: Silver Medal of the Association for the Promotion of Europe (European Union).

2006: Highest decoration awarded by the President of the Republic of Portugal, “Commander of the Order of Prince Henry”.

2008: Silver Microphone granted by APEI-RTV.

2009: Tel Aviv University Award for his contribution to peace and understanding in the Middle East. “Journalist without Borders”

2009: Conde de Godó Journalism Award, awarded by the Conde de Barcelona Foundation. 

2010: Highest distinction by the Commander of the King of Spain for his work for peace

Candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2015. In 2016, he received the Human Rights Award from Abogacía Española and the Waterlaw Organization.

In 2015-16, he visited 15 countries to direct the four-hour documentary series “Jihad Now,” which recounts the origins and reality of the Islamic State.

He visited the frontline of Syria, Iraq and the Isis three times. Since February 2020, he has been the founding president of the Israel-Gulf Countries Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

M.A. Yehuda Kaplan

Biblical historian, Museu das Terras Bíblicas, Jerusalem

Yehuda Kaplan was born and raised in Jerusalem, holds a bachelor’s degree in Archaeology and ancient Near Eastern Studies, and a masters in the History of the Jewish People, both from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

He has been working at the Bible Lands Museum Jerusalem since 1999, and from 2001 to 2015 he was the Director of the Education Department of the Museum, and from 2016 a member of the Curatorial Department, responsible for the research and development exhibitions and special educational projects and initiatives.

He taught courses in biblical history at the Schechter Institute in Jerusalem and teaches at the Rothberg School for overseas students at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Yehuda is an experienced Licensed Tour Guide specializing in biblical archaeology, and history of the Land of Israel and the ancient Near East. 

Dr. Daniel Fainstein

Rector of the Hebrew University of Mexico

Dr. Daniel Fainstein is dean and professor of Judaic studies at the Hebrew University of Mexico.

He carried out his professional training at the University of Buenos Aires (sociology), The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (contemporary Judaism and education) and UNAM (political and social sciences), graduating with honors.

He completed his rabbinical studies at the Marshall T Meyer Latin American Rabbinical Seminary in Buenos Aires. He is a graduate of the Jerusalem Fellows Program of the Mandel Foundation.

His topics of interest, research, and teaching include the intellectual and social history of Judaism, the sociology of religion, and human resources training for education and leadership.

He has published a number of noted academic and public papers in his specialty, which include Judaism, human rights and spirituality. A biography of Rabbi Marshall Meyer. Sao Paulo, 2013.

Prof. David Sedaca


Prof. David Sedaca began his theological studies at Biola University in Los Angeles, California, and continued his Master in Theology at the International Baptist Theological Seminary of Buenos Aires and at the Graduate School of the University of Belgrano’s School of Middle East Studies in Buenos Aires.

He studied Judaism and Interfaith Relations in New York City, and received his degree in psychology from Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

David Sedaca has been professor of theology related fields at academic institutions in the United States, Canada, and Argentina, specializing in hermeneutics, biblical prophecy and Jewish-Christian relationships.

In Norfolk, Virginia, he was the Director of the Bible Training Center for Pastors. He is currently guest lecturer at the Charles Feinberg Seminary of Messianic Jewish Studies in Brooklyn, New York. Prof. David Sedaca is one of the leaders of the modern day messianic Jewish movement, having served as Executive Secretary and CEO of the International Messianic Jewish Alliance for over 25 years.

Dr. Daniel Vainstub

Biblical historian from Ben Gurion University

He received a degree in Archeology and History of the Jewish People in Biblical times and of the Second Temple at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

He holds an MA in Epigraphy and Hebrew and Semitic Western Paleography from the Hebrew University.

He received his PhD at Ben-Gurion University of Beer-Sheva.

He has been a professor and researcher at the Ben-Gurion University for more than twenty years, concentrating on all fields in biblical times.

He teaches at the Israel Museum.

He has published a significant number of articles.

He regularly participates in national and international conferences.

Dr. David E. Schroeder

President of Pillar College

Dr. David E. Schroeder is a graduate of Nyack College, Manhattanville College, New York Theological Seminary, and New York University.

His academic work includes Philosophy, Humanities, Urban Ministry and Religious Education. In 2007, he was appointed president of Pillar College, where he continues to work.

Prior to that, he acted for 15 years as president of the Reformed Episcopal Seminary (Philadelphia) and Nyack College and Alliance Theological Seminary (New York).

Over the years, has has served on twenty boards of non-profit ministries.

Through MasterWorks, Inc., a parareligious ministry he began in 1990, David ifrequently speaks at retreats and seminars, applying some of the ten books he has authored.

David and his wife Betzi reside in Middlesex, New Jersey. They have been married for more than five decades, raised three children, and enjoy time with their eight grandchildren.

Dr. Aliza Moreno-Goldschmidt


Dr. Aliza Moreno-Goldschmidt was born in Colombia and has lived in Israel for over twenty years. She holds a doctorate from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Her fields of expertise are Jewish History and Jewish Thought. She is the author of the book “Converted of Jewish Origin in Colonial Cartagena” and a number of other academic articles.

She was involved in training teachers in Jewish affairs – Israelis and Latin Americans – at different academic institutions: Merkaz Melton Center of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Hakibutzim Seminary and the Levinsky Institute. She is also currently responsible for the open Jewish collection at the National Library of Israel.

Dr. Aliza Moreno-Goldschmidt


Dr. Yossi Goldstein


Dr. Goldstein is an Israeli historian, educator, researcher specializing in the study and transmission of the Shoah/Holocaust and its impact on our day, and in other areas of Jewish history and contemporary Judaism.

He holds a Ph. D. in Contemporary Judaism from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. His Doctorate Thesis was: “The influence of the Jewish Agency and the State of Israel on Jewish life in Argentina and Uruguay, 1948-1958.”

His Thesis Supervisor was  Professor Haim Avni.

He has authored over 40 academic papers published in a number of prominent books and newspapers, as well as distance learning courses, one of which is a digital book: “Corrientes del Pensamiento Zionist Contemporáneo”. (Contemporary Zionist Thought).

He was author of the book “The Jewish Fighters – Heroic Chapters in the History of the Jewish People”, with Eduardo Kovalivker (2018).

He was a lecturer for the Masters program in Jewish Education at the Melton Center, School of Education, Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

M. A. Manuel Cimadevilla

Archaeologist at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Cimadevilla holds a B.A. in Semitic Philology from the Complutense University of Madrid.

Currently, he is working towards his PhD at this university.

He has a B.A in Biblical and Classical Archaeology by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Since 1992, he has been a member of the excavation team at Tel Hazor and has been working on publishing his findings related to this excavation.

He has been involved in the excavations of Kiriyat Yearim and collaborated with the publication of the Tel Yoqneam excavations.

Dr. Oren Gutfeld

Archaeologist at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Dr. Oren Gutfeld received his BA, MA and Ph. D. in Classical Archeology from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

He is currently the director of the salvage excavation program of the Institute of Archaeology, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Dr. Gutfeld has been the excavation director on behalf of the Hebrew University at a number of different sites over the years including the Hurvah Synagogue in the Jewish Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem, at Tiberias, at Ramla, and was a research assistant to the late Professor Ehud Netzer in Netzer’s excavations at Zippory, Jericho, Masada and Herodium.

Presently, he is the excavation director at the archaeological site of Beit Loya (Lehi), and Qumran cave 53 in the Judean desert, and is a member of the final report editing team of the Jewish Quarter Excavations in the Old City of Jerusalem.

Oren has had numerous publication including three books, dozens of articles, site guides, vol. in dictionaries and encyclopedias etc.

He has received grants from the Rothschild Family, a Fellowship at the Deutsches Research Library in Italy, a summer fellowship at Harvard University in their Research Library in Washington DC, and a scholarship for advanced studies from the Hebrew University.

Dr. Gutfeld is a licensed tour guide. In 2000, Oren made the official presentation of the bronze hoard and the “Jesus” coins from Tiberias to the Pope at the Vatican. He has curated exhibits on excavations in Seoul, South Korea and in the United States.

M. A. Ariel Horovitz

Director of the Moriah International Center

M. A. Ariel Horovitz is a Founder and Director of the Moriah International Center.

He was Educated in Sociology and the History of the Jewish People at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Additionally, he also holds a Master’s degree in Management and Leadership from the University of Bar Ilan, Israel.

He specializes in the subject of leadership in the Bible, as well as in different topics related to the history of the People of Israel from Biblical Times to the Modern State of Israel.

Horovitz administers conferences and seminars in various academic institutions in Israel, the United States, Mexico, Brazil, Angola, and others.